RAID 0 Data Recovery in Charlotte

Carolina Data Recovery provides unmatched resources and proprietary technology to offer full RAID 0 recovery services which many data recovery providers cannot offer. 

We offer free data recovery analysis / cost quotes for all RAID, NAS, and SAN systems, and as always, our services are guaranteed...

If we can't recover the data you need, in a form that you can use it, there will be no charge.

Our highly-trained engineers have worked with every major controller card, every brand of hard drive, and every major operating system while successfully finding solutions for thousands of different recovery scenarios. 

State of the Art Equipment / Facilities

When your RAID 0 fails, whether it consists of 2 drives or 20 drives, it is too late for anything except a data recovery service. Due to the way that data is written to the individual drives in the array, unless we can temporarily repair the problem drive or otherwise circumvent the problem(s) and get a working image, there will ALWAYS be data loss.


25 years of RAID experience

RAID 0In a RAID 0 stripe set, the controller will cycle blocks of selectable size (typically 8-128 KB) across all available RAID 0 hard drives. This helps to accelerate both read and write performance, but a RAID 0 is susceptible to drive defects.

RAID 0 works with two or more hard drives. If your stripe size is 32 KB (64 sectors) files that are larger than 32KB will have part of your file on one drive and part on another; hence the guaranteed data loss upon catastrophic RAID 0 failure.

Fortunately, we have over 25 years experience recovering data from RAID 0 and, in most cases, can have your data recovered and back to you with no data loss in as little as 4 hours with our emergency service.

Local Charlotte ISO 5 (Class 100) Clean Room

A RAID 0 configuration that exhibits any abnormality should immediately have any critical data copied to another storage device. If the remaining data can be copied with no ill effects (no error messages, no unusual noises from any of the drives, and no hanging up) then do so, test & continue to closely monitor the system. If the array fails completely, you will be prepared and can start over with a new system (hopefully not in another RAID 0 configuration).

Data Recovery Experts available 24/7

We recommend that you never use drives from a failed system in a replacement system. The reason is two-fold;

1- Usually, all drives within a RAID 0 will be of the same make, model, and in most cases from the same manufacturing run. If a problem manifests in 1 of the drives, then there is a very good chance that the same problem will show up in another of the drives sooner, rather than later.

2 - If necessary, the original drives will be available for future data recovery attempts, should you find later that data is missing. If one or more original drives are used to build a new system, there will be no possibility of future recovery.

 Confidential Service - Secure Facility

If the array becomes inaccessible for any reason or if you hear any unusual noises, immediately power down the system. Under no circumstances try to reseat/rebuild or otherwise repair a RAID 0. It is too late for any remedies short of starting over or contacting a data recovery facility.


 For immediate assistance with your data emergency call 704-617-0157



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  • UNIX™
  • Microsoft Windows®  
  • Apple/Macintosh® 
  • NetWare®
  • VMware®

Recovery Services

  • USB / Memory Cards
  • Laptops / Desktops
  • External Hard Drives
  • Solid State Drives


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  • Chain of Custody Protocol
  • High Security Safekeeping
  • Confidentiality Agreement
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Client Reviews

“I thought I had lost the last 15 years of my life in pictures, but they were able to recover them! Such a relief! Worth every penny!”
– Shannon M.
“The short: Calling Ron and his team was the best decision I could have made. Words like kind, respectful, prompt, and attentive come to mind. The long: My NAS crashed. I thought I lost my entire digital life. Forget about the files and documents one accumulates and all the music, I had 30 years of family pictures, some of who are no longer with us. I was in tears. I took my NAS to a big box store where I was given very robotic service by their "geeks" and was told it could cost me thousands of dollars, it would take at least a month (but I could leap to the front of the line for an extra $100) to even find out IF it was recoverable. I decided to look for someone local and thank God I found Carolina Data Recovery. Ron was able to confirm that the data was recoverable within 48 hours and had my data back to me within 72 hours. Beyond that, Ron took time to walk me though the process and listen to my concerns. Realizing I was a mess, Ron spent an hour on the phone with me explaining what I need to do going forward to ensure that this never happens again. Backing up your data IS important - hard lesson learned. I hope to never be in this situation again, but have comfort in knowing that Carolina Data Recovery has my back. ”
– M. Patel
“Carolina Data Recovery saved the day! I had an external hard drive that contained all of my personal information and pictures over the last 3 years. This hard drive had crashed leaving me in a world of panic. Carolina Data Recovery specialists were able to fully recover my lost information, keeping me updated throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Carolina Data Recovery for all your data needs! ”
– J. Hawk

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