Keep Your Data Secure

Keep your Data Secure with a RAID NAS System

 These days’ companies and consumers seem to be ditching on-site backup systems in favor of “the cloud.” The benefits of cloud storage are obvious, but there’s a way to get the convenience of both cloud storage and local backups without giving the keys to the castle away to a potentially crooked third-party vendor.

What I'm talking about is a technology called a Redundant Array of Independent Disks Network Attached Storage (or RAID NAS for short) and there is a plethora of reasons why you may want to start using it for your own storage needs soon.

Redundant array of independent disks isn’t a new concept. They've been used by various types of enterprises for decades to back up their important data. A RAID is simply a configuration of hard drives that uses techniques such as striping, mirroring, and parity to create a way for people to backup massive amounts of data quickly and conveniently. The NAS portion of the name lets us know that the RAID array is connected to a network.

Storage space is one major advantage of RAID NAS. Most PC's don't have terabytes of storage at their disposal. However, the storage limit of even entry level RAID NAS systems is massive. They also allow for the ease of access you would expect from a cloud storage service. On a NAS, any PC connected to the network can access files as needed, rather than having to transfer files from one PC to another with a flash drive or email.

RAID NAS systems also allow for the ease of access you would expect from a cloud storage service. This is where the NAD portion of RAID NAS comes in. On an NAS, any PC connected to the network can access files as needed, rather than having to transfer files from one PC to another with a flash drive or email.

RAID NAS systems are also extremely reliable. It isn't uncommon for hard drives to die, it's the nature of the technology. But with the right RAID configuration, data can be rescued even if one of the disks bites the dust.

Then there's the issue of security. With a cloud storage service, you're trusting all your precious data with someone outside of your own enterprise. Even if your service provider is trustworthy, there's still a possibility that your data may get hacked from your provider’s servers. None of these things are an issue with RAID NAS, since your files will be stored safely in whatever location you chose. You can even decide to include data encryption for an added level of security.

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Client Reviews

“Great company with fantastic service! My laptop was causing me terrible issues and I was terrified that all of the valuable data that was stored on it was gone forever. I went to several different companies for help with no solution to my problem. I finally found Carolina Data Recovery and they were able to recovery all of my data that I thought I had lost forever. Friendly staff and great recovery time. I highly recommend this company! ”
– C. Haynes
“We had a hard drive failure at work, and we didn't have a backup. We went to Ron for a free analysis and he verified there was an issue within 15 minutes. We've never had to deal with data recovery before, and he was willing to answer any questions. He got our data restored to a new drive within 2 days. Would definitely recommend.”
– Seth Allen
“Carolina Data Recovery is terrific. We lost a RAID 5 array with critical data and we needed to recover it quickly. We spoke with 3 different venders, and Ron made a big impression over the phone. We did not regret our choice. He worked with us on shipping and priority, and within three days of placing that call we had our data back in 3 days.. HIGHLY recommended. .”
– Jim B.

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