What hard drive should I buy?

Being in the data recovery business, many of our clients often ask us "What hard drive should I buy?" That is not an easy question to answer without some additional research and data. In a previous post entitled “Looking To Replace Your Hard Drive” I discuss six key factors to consider
when replacing your hard drive. They are:

  1. Drive Type
  2. Storage
  3. Cache Space
  4. Transfer Speeds
  5. Access Times
  6. Price

Sounds fairly straight forward and simple until you understand that hard drive manufacturers have different models just like an automobile dealer. Let’s look at 2 of the top hard drive manufactures and their hard drive systems.

Western Digital for instance offers a large variety of hard drive systems based upon your computer type and needs. They are broken out by color for easy selection. For example:

PC & Mac

WD Blue


WD Black

NAS Hard Drives

WD Blue


WD Black

Surveillance Hard Drives

WD Purple

WD Purple NV

WD Gold

Seagate Hard Drives segments it’s hard drive systems by animal names. For example:

Barracuda – PC & Gaming  - HDD

Firecuda – PC & Gaming SSHD

Ironwolf – Netork Attached Storage (NAS)

Skyhawk - Surveillance

Are you confused yet?  I know I am!  There is no simple answer. The hard drive you select depends upon your needs and how much you are willing to spend. In an effort to make your research a little easier, I have included a link to Backblaze a hard drive data center  which has 50,228 drives spinning in their datacenter. This site will provide you with a lot of the technical data and information you may need to select a hard drive.

In conclusion, selecting the right replacement hard drive is complicated. The 6 factors I recommend above are key to finding the right hard drive for your needs. Use Backblaze to finalize your research and decision making process. If you have any questions, please feel free to give Carolina Data Recovery a call. We are your Hard Drive Data Recovery Experts. 


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Client Reviews

“Carolina Data Recovery saved the day! I had an external hard drive that contained all of my personal information and pictures over the last 3 years. This hard drive had crashed leaving me in a world of panic. Carolina Data Recovery specialists were able to fully recover my lost information, keeping me updated throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Carolina Data Recovery for all your data needs! ”
– J. Hawk
“Carolina Data Recovery is terrific. We lost a RAID 5 array with critical data and we needed to recover it quickly. We spoke with 3 different venders, and Ron made a big impression over the phone. We did not regret our choice. He worked with us on shipping and priority, and within three days of placing that call we had our data back in 3 days.. HIGHLY recommended. .”
– Jim B.
“We had a hard drive failure at work, and we didn't have a backup. We went to Ron for a free analysis and he verified there was an issue within 15 minutes. We've never had to deal with data recovery before, and he was willing to answer any questions. He got our data restored to a new drive within 2 days. Would definitely recommend.”
– Seth Allen

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