In today’s modern times cyber security has never been more in the forefront of people’s minds. Being hacked is amongst the top concerns of anyone exposing themselves to the internet, so we’ve put together a list of four signs that your system has been hacked. A hack is any malicious invasion into your system or embedding of software that you did not authorize, so learning what to spot is critical.

  1. Task Manager Won’t Start: If a task managing software (software that is used administratively to analyze your system) will not start, there is a high probability it is because someone doesn’t want you being able to analyze your system.
  2. Strange Startups: If strange software or applications you are not familiar with launch themselves at start up or login, investigate and determine whether it is something you authorized to start. If not, a breach in your system is likely.
  3. Pop-Ups and Toolbars: If on your browser there are new toolbars installed or an abundance of pop-ups there is likelihood that the system is compromised
  4. Functions Stop: If certain standard functions, like anti-virus software or the ability to power the computer off, become sluggish or completely unresponsive then someone is likely working to maintain their remote access to your system and it will need help.

There are many ways in which we often neglect our cybersecurity, even writing off little strange occurrences as ghosts in the machine. If you find your computer is working in abnormal ways, that things you don’t recall installing are appearing, or anything seems to be happening on your computer that you did not intend for it to do, please contact your local computer expert. Your digital security is too important, and always keep a backup of your system should the worst happen.

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