The most dreaded event of any business or individual is data loss. What happens when your digital life or livelihood becomes inaccessible? You have to turn to a data recovery specialist. Here are 5 quick tips about picking a data recovery service:

1. Experience: You want expertise when it comes to recovering what is most valuable, your business and personal information. Determine how many years of experience a data recovery service has. The more the better when comes to meeting every possible challenge successfully. Examine credentials and certifications, such as manufacturer authorization and HIPAA compliance.

2. Reputation: In addition to looking at how much experience a service provider has, check out their reputation. What do customer reviews have to say? Are they committed to excellence? Are they reliable and responsive? 

3. Capability: The digital world is vast and expansive. The best data recovery service can manage multiple platforms and all makes and models of devices and computers. Broad capability matters when many people and companies use a variety of digital storage devices. 

4. Security: Your personal and business data is valuable. Allowing access to it creates a vulnerability. Only choose a data recovery service that operates in secure facilities and practices strict protocols of confidentiality. But security means more than just protecting information. It also means protecting the integrity of your equipment. Facilities should perform their services in a ISO Certified Cleanroom to ensure the integrity of your sensitive electronics.

5. Speed: When it comes to recovering your data and getting back to business, or your regular routine of daily life, you want data recovery to be as quick as possible. Think about it. How long can you go without accessing your stored information? Most people would find a single 24-hour period extremely trying. Look for a data recovery service that strives for rapid turn-around time.

For more information on the characteristics of a secure and capable data recovery service, please contact us. If you think that your data is lost, the professionals at Carolina Data Recovery can help.