Chances are you have heard of them. Perhaps you have even tried them: data recovery myths. What is the real story where data recovery is concerned?

Myth #1 – The Freezer Method

Like an old fashioned grooved LP requiring a needle to “read” the information, hard drives are similarly several small discs spinning rapidly and read by a head. In theory, when frozen, a slightly warped platter would shrink so that it no longer grinds against the head. Although this may work in theory, if successful it is only a temporary, desperate fix. 

Myth #2 – Data Cannot Be Recovered Once A Hard Drive Is Formatted

The truth is that data can be recovered after formatting. However, the task is highly technical and requires the skill of a specialist. Data recovery software is available but without the right expertise, it may prove useless. 

Myth #3 – A Clean Room Is Not Important 

Technicians have to open up the hard drive in the data recovery process. This exposes an already damaged hard drive to airborne particles or contaminants that could cause further damage. Always look for a data recovery team with a certified clean room. 

Myth #4 – The Average Computer Store Is Equipped To Recover Hard Drive Data

It may be tempting to drive down to a local well known computer retailer and trust their service team. However, data recovery from a damaged hard drive is much more technical than the average computer repair. Trust a company that specializes in using exclusive proprietary methods and expertise for data recovery.

Myth #5 – With Data Recovery I Don’t Need A Backup Drive

By having data safely stored in a backup system, you can continue working while your hard drive is with data recovery technicians. Should the worst happen and data recovery fail or, perhaps, be limited, you still have your backup files. So always backup your data.

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