Cyber Security and Data Recovery

In today’s time, digital safety and security have never been more prevalent on peoples’ minds. How to keep a computer and its data safe are important questions to continually ask. At Carolina Data Recovery we understand the relationship of cyber security and data recovery. As we move deeper into 2018, we at Carolina Data Recovery thought it would be helpful to suggest some ways to stay safe in our every growing digital-scape. 

  1. First, back up the entire system to an external drive. The easiest way to make sure nothing is lost is by always having a duplicate or two in a secure drive that can be accessed easily should the computer’s data systems fail. 
  2. Next, install a verified, reliable virus protection software to make sure no one is attempting to remotely access or tamper with the data. If there is one lesson that’s become clear in the last several years, it’s that our computers aren’t always as impregnable as we’d like.
  3. Third, if a service or software has cloud saving built into it, use it. Though cloud technology has its limits there is always benefit in making sure data is stored securely in accessible places.
  4. Finally, find a local data recovery expert. Should the worst come to pass, and data is lost, the only next step is recovery. By having a trusted data recovery expert already planned, the path to saving that data can become expedited and likely minimize the damage done to the drive. It could even be brought to us here at Carolina Data Recovery. You’ve got enough to worry about. Let us handle your precious data. 


Carolina Data Recovery

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  • Linux®
  • UNIX™
  • Microsoft Windows®  
  • Apple/Macintosh® 
  • NetWare®
  • VMware®

Recovery Services

  • USB / Memory Cards
  • Laptops / Desktops
  • External Hard Drives
  • Solid State Drives


  • Strict Non-Disclosure
  • Chain of Custody Protocol
  • High Security Safekeeping
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Controlled Access 
  • Secure Location

Client Reviews

“We had a hard drive failure at work, and we didn't have a backup. We went to Ron for a free analysis and he verified there was an issue within 15 minutes. We've never had to deal with data recovery before, and he was willing to answer any questions. He got our data restored to a new drive within 2 days. Would definitely recommend.”
– Seth Allen
“Great service! Great company! After bringing my computer to three other companies - all who said my data was lost and gone forever - Carolina Data Recovery found and restored it as easy as 1 - 2 - 3. After all the ups and downs and horrors of computer problems, I'm so glad I found a place to go!”
– Anne Fiala
“These guys/gals are really great. Ron was very professional and stayed in communication thru the entire process of our clients Data Recovery.”
– David P.

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