In today’s blog, we look at Ron Davis, local Charlotte data recovery expert, and his days at the forefront of data recovery.

Much like a hard drive carries the varied stories of its users’ data, so too does Carolina Data Recovery keep a track of its history. Our story is one of hard work and a willingness to grow, and it is helpful in demonstrating to our customers that their data is in the best possible hands. For us, it all starts with our founder, Ron Davis. 

Ron Davis found data recovery services with a bit of spontaneity. Mr. Davis was working for Eastman-Kodak in Wilmington, Ohio in a warranty repair facility, focusing primarily on devices from tech-company Texas Instruments. Texas Instruments began requesting the data be recovered from the almost 200-daily-laptop-repairs but there was little in the way of direct guidance. With no trade-schools, major publications, or online resources, he and his team found themselves having to generate a solution. For close to a year, Mr. Davis tirelessly worked on hard drives, culminating in a basic, self-taught data recovery system.

At the time, the team worked with a firm, Data Recovery Group, to handle all higher-level data recovery, things Mr. Davis could not do at his facility with his team. After a year of a successful partnership, Mr. Davis was offered the chance to relocate and become a part of Data Recovery Group, with the understanding that he would learn the business, work the business, and could then carry a new branch of their firm to an available market.

Mr. Davis left Ohio and began his journey through data recovery in earnest. After learning more about the business, Data Recovery Group made an agreement with Mr. Davis; go to Michigan, start a branch, train staff, and then he could relocate and open his own branch wherever he wanted. He agreed, and by 1999, Ron Davis had officially opened Data Recovery Groups’ doors in a new Charlotte, North Carolina office. For the next 16 years Ron worked with Data Recovery Group serving clients all along the East Coast and abroad, including Puerto Rico and England. In 2015, Ron bought the building from Data Recovery Group and fully transitioned to the efficient, successful, and well-reviewed Carolina Data Recovery.

For years we have been providing excellent care to our friends, family, and neighbors, offering a free diagnosis and a “No data-No fee” promise to all our customers, and we are even currently providing customers with a 20% discount as we face the challenges of COVID-19 together. 

Carolina Data Recovery; You have enough to worry about. Let us handle your precious data.