Data Recovery: The Unattainable Triangle

When considering hard drives, back-up systems, and data recovery three common considerations for the customer are cost, quality, and speed. How can the consumer get the best? How are they defining an ideal solution? Those three concepts (cost, quality, speed) also act as the corner stones of the Unattainable Triangle. Using this triangle model customers and service providers can analyze and, based on its outcomes, determine a preferred solution, even in the data business. 

The Unattainable Triangle works by placing three key aspects of a product/service opposite each other. Then a product/service is plotted somewhere in accordance with its cost, quality, and speed. The closer a product is to two of these points, the further it gets away from the third. Thus, it is impossible to achieve an ideal balance or placement across all points. 

To explain better let’s suppose a customer is looking at estimates, reviews, and overall information regarding three data recovery service providers. The cheapest of them is also the fastest, but their recovery ability is lacking as evidenced by poor reviews. This is a service that exceeds in cost and speed, but suffers poor quality to achieve it. This is where the Triangle works for the person using it. 

A customer can ask themselves an important question, what service experience am I looking for, and use the Triangle to decide whether a product or service meets that need. If someone is looking for a high-end data recovery experience that will also be fast, the person will have to pay more money but will also be able to specifically search for emergency data recovery specialists. When looking at hard drives themselves the unattainable triangle can help a customer figure out whether they want something slower but cheap or fast and well-made. 

A seller or provider uses this model to instead determine their pricing. If they offer exclusive skills or tools, their quality is higher so they know to increase price in accordance. Or if they are interested in quick affordable recovery, they may not offer in-depth, high-quality services. 

The Unattainable Triangle is a frustrating model that is the reality of goods and services. However, it is a powerful tool when analyzing goods being bought or services being provided. 

At Carolina Data Recovery, our two paramount goals are quality and speed. We are not the cheapest data recovery service.  However, don’t get pulled in by a cheap price and fast service. According to the Unattainable Triangle cheap and fast service can lead to poor quality.  

At Carolina Data Recovery, we offer the high quality fast service. We recover data from >90% of the hard drives we service. With our on-sight clean room, years of experience, and dedication to success, we offer one of the highest standards of care for your important data, files, and pictures in the southeast. Finally, we offer Free Estimates and a No Data – No Fee Guarantee.  If we cannot recover your data - - You don't pay!


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Client Reviews

“The short: Calling Ron and his team was the best decision I could have made. Words like kind, respectful, prompt, and attentive come to mind. The long: My NAS crashed. I thought I lost my entire digital life. Forget about the files and documents one accumulates and all the music, I had 30 years of family pictures, some of who are no longer with us. I was in tears. I took my NAS to a big box store where I was given very robotic service by their "geeks" and was told it could cost me thousands of dollars, it would take at least a month (but I could leap to the front of the line for an extra $100) to even find out IF it was recoverable. I decided to look for someone local and thank God I found Carolina Data Recovery. Ron was able to confirm that the data was recoverable within 48 hours and had my data back to me within 72 hours. Beyond that, Ron took time to walk me though the process and listen to my concerns. Realizing I was a mess, Ron spent an hour on the phone with me explaining what I need to do going forward to ensure that this never happens again. Backing up your data IS important - hard lesson learned. I hope to never be in this situation again, but have comfort in knowing that Carolina Data Recovery has my back. ”
– M. Patel
“Great company with fantastic service! My laptop was causing me terrible issues and I was terrified that all of the valuable data that was stored on it was gone forever. I went to several different companies for help with no solution to my problem. I finally found Carolina Data Recovery and they were able to recovery all of my data that I thought I had lost forever. Friendly staff and great recovery time. I highly recommend this company! ”
– C. Haynes
“These guys/gals are really great. Ron was very professional and stayed in communication thru the entire process of our clients Data Recovery.”
– David P.

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