Four Reasons To Switch To Solid State Drives

The 2000s are calling, and they want your hard drives back.

Technology is advancing so quickly, and the arena of data storage has been flooded with more efficient and reliable methods. One such technology is a solid state drive, an alternative to a hard drive that has no moving parts. Not convinced that a solid state drive (SSD) is the best technology for you? Take a look at these four great reasons why it is. 


  1. Durability. SSDs are different from hard drives because they have no moving parts. This makes it incredibly difficult to break an SSD, whereas a hard drive is a lot more fragile. According to a recent study on SSD durability, even the least expensive brands survived 900 terabytes of constant data. And on the upper end, devices could process 18 consecutive months of constant data flow--2.4 petabytes. 
  2. Speed. SSDs are much faster than your typical, old-fashioned hard drive. If you think about it, it takes time for hard drives to speed up to operating power. But since SSDs have no moving parts, they can be at full power in almost no time, a huge improvement over hard drives. 
  3. Battery Life. On average, SSDs have a much greater battery life than typical hard drives. This conserves electricity (and money), while letting your SSD last longer and get more use. With an SSD, you can save power even when processing more data than on your hard drive. 
  4. Upgrades. Compared to hard drives, it's easy to update and upgrade your SSD. Mechanically, it's just as easy to put an SSD into your computer, so there's no issues there. From a financial standpoint, upgrading an SSD is relatively inexpensive, and there are plenty of great options. As time goes on, it will be harder and harder to find a hard drive upgrade. But SSD upgrades will be readily available for a long time. 


Interested in getting an SSD for your computer? Contact us. We specialize in data recovery, and we are experts of SSD technology. 


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