Protecting your company’s information assets is a critical part of any business. There are several vital things to consider when choosing a Network-attached storage system. Some of those include the available capacity, backup and recovery options, connectivity, and NAS security options. Here is a run-down of four things to consider when buying a network-attached (NAS) storage system

1.   Capacity

Prospective buyers of a NAS system need to consider the amount of storage they will require both now and in the future.  Multi-bay devices offer flexibility to grow with your business, so you have the storage capacity you need today as well as room to increase storage as your business grows. 

2.   Backup and Recovery Options

Make sure the NAS device provides appropriate backup and recovery options for your priceless data.  RAID-enabled (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) devices containing 2 or more drives can be configured to mirror data or even repair a faulty drive. NAS ensures safe storage and regular backup of all your electronic files.

3.   Connectivity 

NAS systems provide reliable data storage and backup for multiple computers on the same network and remote access to information when you need it. Some NAS devices offer accessibility via the internet. A recent article in eWeek says “…the nature of backup is evolving. It is no longer simply about data collection or recovery, but increasingly about how an organization can use its backed up data for greater purpose.”

4.   NAS Security

NAS provides your business with peace of mind.  Rest easy knowing that your business has a secure backup system in case of hard drive failure. NAS devices paired with cloud storage provide an added layer of redundancy during natural disasters or other catastrophic events.

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