With the recent flooding caused by storms like Harvey and Irma, there have been several people asking what they should do to protect their data. We decided to take the time and give you three options on how to shore up your data protection as you board up the windows.

  1. Use The Cloud: A lot of different programs and electronics now have a certain amount of cloud storage for your data. Look at your devices and services, determine which of them have cloud saving, and utilize that to securely store your data off site. This way it can be recovered should the hardware become damaged.
  2. Secure the Back Up: Using an external drive, back up the entirety of your device. Then take that drive, carefully secure it in a secure water tight container, and place the container in a dry, secure, elevated area in your home or office. This way should flooding occur, you have a secondary version of your entire system that is above the water. If you are evacuating, pack the hard drive and take it with you.
  3. Secondary Location: Like option two, back up your entire machine and secure the drive in a water tight container. Then take this drive to an entirely separate location like an office, friend’s home, or safety deposit box. This step could even go to extremes by sending it out of state to try and guarantee safety of the data.

This hurricane season has caused flooding, the likes of which cause huge damage. While trying to make sure you and your physical goods are secured, please remember your data.

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