Recently, a Carolina Data Recovery client went through the rare and unfortunate events of a break-in. Their business, located in a business park, was vandalized, and forcibly entered. Thankfully, the break-in occurred when no one was actively working in the office. The perpetrators, attempted to cover their tracks, decided to take our client’s computers and flood them with water. They ripped all drives out of the computers (RAID Unit), dropped them in sinks, and ran the tap overnight. They had mistakenly assumed that these computers had the surveillance data. Instead, they almost destroyed all our client’s data and work.

Water damage is dangerous and destructive to all technical equipment. In a traditional hard disk drive, electrical component failure doesn’t immediately mean total data loss. This is precisely why we at Carolina Data Recovery were able to help.

Our client brought their 12 RAID drives in, and after careful work in our on-site cleanroom we were able to recover their data successfully. We were even able to assist on their insurance claim for the destroyed equipment.

This story is one we hear constantly. The catastrophic or unbelievable, or even just the unexpected, happens and there isn’t a back-up. We love when we can help people get their projects, photos, and their livelihood back through data recovery, and that’s also why we provide a no-data-no-fee guarantee. We’ve been in the data recovery business for over 30 years.

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This is a true story. Names have been omitted for safety purposes.