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Water Damaged Drives Require Special Care. Follow Instructions Below!

If anyone can recover your files we can!

  • Time is of the essence; we need to begin the recovery process before any debris that has penetrated the case has time to dry and adhere to the media platters
  • Circuitry corrosion can be an issue, especially in solid state drives
  • Do not attempt to power on your computer or drive!
  • Use a clean, lint free cloth; wipe any excess moisture from the drive & board
  • Do not attempt to air dry hard drive or use hair dryer or other heat source
  • Never attempt to open the hard drive housing
  • Immediately seal the hard drive in a zip lock baggie making sure that it seals tightly!
  • Package the drive securely (at least 2” of padding) and ship in a box, not envelope
  • Ship via overnight carrier & retain tracking number for delivery verification

We service all major brands of hard drives including:

About Carolina Data Recovery

Our excellence begins with our technicians, who have more than 60 years of combined experience recovering data from a wide variety of hard drives. Even with all that experience, our techs undergo annual training and certification so we can be sure they’re well-versed in the latest industry standards for data recovery from storage media.


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