A RAID system links multiple drives together. Each drive has components that mirror the functions of other parts of other drives. The storage functions (i.e. reading and writing) are then operating at multiple levels across multiple disks all at once, sometimes with certain functions occurring identically in different disks. This functionality allows for Fault Tolerance, or the ability for a drive to function even with drive elements that aren’t a working. These systems can even pair with HDDs and SDDs and mirror their operations allowing for further redundant functionality. By building in the safeguards and increasing Fault Tolerance the system is often safer, faster, and more powerful systems because of Redundancy.

There are still chances for RAID systems to crash, regardless of their stability. Due to their complex nature, do not trust your RAID data recovery to novice. If you have a RAID system that is in need of data recovery, come see the experts at Carolina Data Recovery.  We understand Raid data recovery.  We’ve been working with these complex systems for over 30 years. We offer:

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