What To Do If Water Damages Your Hard Drive

Water Damage is amongst the top hard drive killer for most people; a quick spill and, as quickly as it happened, your data is gone. Water is able to carry microscopic particles, rust metal, and ruin electronic mechanisms, making it a real nightmare situation. Here at Carolina Data Recovery, our data recovery expert has laid out specific steps on what to do if your hard drive is damaged by water.

  1. Power Down: If the hard drive is on when exposed to water/liquid, immediately power the drive down. If the drive was already without power, keep it turned off. The continued usage of the drive could cause the damage to worsen.
  2. Wipe Off: Using a dry, clean cloth wipe away any excess water or moisture on the outside.
  3. Leave It Closed: Do not attempt to open or remove the drive housing.
  4. No Driers: Avoid using a hair dryer, or any other sort of device.
  5. Store It: Place the drive into a dry, air-tight container i.e. a Ziploc bag or Tupperware. Make sure it is padded (at least 2 inches on all sides) before transporting further.
  6. Seek a Professional: Take the drive to your nearest data recovery expert and let them handle the rest. Hard drives are complex pieces of equipment that are best handled by professionals with experience. 

Water damage is a serious issue for hard drives given its ability to rust, corrode, and carry microscopic debris. If your hard drive is damaged, follow the above steps and bring it to us at Carolina Data Recovery.

You have enough to worry about. Let us handle your precious data. 


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Client Reviews

“Great company with fantastic service! My laptop was causing me terrible issues and I was terrified that all of the valuable data that was stored on it was gone forever. I went to several different companies for help with no solution to my problem. I finally found Carolina Data Recovery and they were able to recovery all of my data that I thought I had lost forever. Friendly staff and great recovery time. I highly recommend this company! ”
– C. Haynes
“These guys/gals are really great. Ron was very professional and stayed in communication thru the entire process of our clients Data Recovery.”
– David P.
“Carolina Data Recovery is terrific. We lost a RAID 5 array with critical data and we needed to recover it quickly. We spoke with 3 different venders, and Ron made a big impression over the phone. We did not regret our choice. He worked with us on shipping and priority, and within three days of placing that call we had our data back in 3 days.. HIGHLY recommended. .”
– Jim B.

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What To Do If Water Damages Your Hard Drive

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