What is a data recovery cleanroom? Shouldn’t the whole business be clean? Why doesn’t every small business data recovery firm have a cleanroom? 

First, a cleanroom is more than just an extra-clean room. It is a room designed, ventilated, and monitored so that there are as few particles (dust, micro-organisms, and other imperceptible bits) in the room. These rooms are common in scientific and technological industries where sensitive materials are being created or worked on to guarantee a safe environment. Cleanrooms are described with the verbiage “ISO”, short for International Organization for Standardization, that are non-governmental standards for the number of particles of a certain size that are allowed into a cleanroom. We could get into the math of the classifications, but this writer can already feel readers’ eyes glazing over.

Cleanrooms began in the 1960s after being developed by Willis Whitfield to help make the creation of integrated circuits a more effective process with limited damage or threat of contaminants to the delicate materials. This is why a cleanroom is key to data recovery. Data recovery involves the disassembly of hard disk drives, solid state drives, RAID and NAS systems, and other electronic components that can easily be damaged by particles that are present in the air.

Most data recovery firms, especially chains, do not have on-site cleanrooms, opting to send their data recovery projects to another facility. This slows the data recovery process. In most cases, the person who is receiving the failed hard drive is not the person actually working with and diagnosing the issue. At Carolina Data Recovery it’s our goal to recover important customer data quickly and return it as soon as possible. Shipping a crashed hard drive from location to location can slow the data recovery process by 3 to 5 days.

Carolina Data Recovery is one of the only independently owned East Coast data recovery firms with an onsite, ISO 5, Class 100 Cleanroom. And in Charlotte, North Carolina we are the only non-chain firm with this particular distinction. Our data recovery experts work with our customers to diagnose and discuss each data recovery project. All projects are recovered in our onsite ISO 5, Class 100 Cleanroom. This process ensures the safety of our customer’s data and speeds the data recovery process.

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