People often ask the question “Why should I work with a local data recovery expert”? There are many different companies that provide data recovery from a distance and sometimes even at flat rates. At Carolina Data Recovery we believe the answer is broken into three key points.

  • First, a local data recovery expert has the obvious benefit of proximity. By seeing a local recovery expert, a person can skip the hassle of shipping drives in the mail, which costs money and can damage the drive further.
  • If there is an emergency, a local recovery expert is more responsive, and you don’t have to wait days before anyone can diagnose your hard drive.
  • Lastly, a local data recovery expert has dedicated customer support. As a part of a community, a local expert will be familiar with their clientele and be more able to respond to their needs.

Here at Carolina Data Recovery, we often have clients who come to us after they sent their hard drive to an out-of-town recovery company. It cost them time, effort, money, and they never resolved their data recovery problems.  A local data recovery expert like Carolina Data Recovery, with a clean room and dedicated staff, can fully analyze your problem and provide you with comprehensive data recovery solution. That’s why you should come down and see us here at Carolina Data Recovery.

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